Between Two Gophers

Hear from the fascinating gophers and gopher alums at the U of M and get to know them in ways you never have before!


Goldy Gopher

In this episode of Between Two Gophers, we interviewed our beloved mascot- Goldy the Gopher. Be sure to check it out!

Phony Magazine

Meet the hilarious members of Phony Magazine in this episode's Between Two Gophers!

7Days A Cappella

Make sure to check out our first Between Two Gophers of the semester and watch Ryan Parnel sit down with some of the talented members of 7Days A Cappella.

Stone Arch Isles

In this episode of Between Two Gophers, Ryanne Parnell sits down with the band Stone Arch Isles to discuss their influences and origins. Watch to the end for a live performance from the band!

Lauren Gengler

In this episode of Between Two Gophers, Ryanne Parnell sits down with the head of public relations for the UMN Comedy Club, Lauren Gengler, to discuss some of her comedic influences, the role of the comedy club on campus and the secret to great comedy.

Shreya Preeti

Between Two Gophers is back! In this episode our new host Ryanne Parnell sits down with rising Minneapolis artist Shreya Preeti to discuss her influences, her career, and the release or her first EP. Be sure to watch until the end for a live performance from Shreya herself!

Ryanne Parnell

StudioU is excited to announce Ryanne Parnell as the new host of Between Two Gophers! Tune in next week to catch this semester's first guest on the show!

Trish Palermo & Erik Hillesheim

"He can do everything. He can sing, he can dance, he can act, he can rock frosted tips..." Find out who Erik's celebrity crush is and hear how Trish responded to some of YOUR questions on this episode of Between Two Gophers.

Alex Van Abbema

In this episode of Between Two Gophers, Alex Thorson interviews The Wake Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Alex Van Abbema about his duties, his future, and his drawing abilities. Check it out to see who the better artist is; Alex or Alex.

Ana Heck

On this episode of "Bee-tween Two Gophers," Alex takes a trip over to the St. Paul campus to talk about the newly opened Bee Lab with beekeeper Ana Heck! 

Goodnight Gorillas

B2G takes on a Halloween special with Goodnight Gorillas! You can check out more episodes of Between Two Gophers on our website or on Facebook!

Steven Kreager

The season finale of Between 2 Gophers is here with the President of the Comedy Club, Steven Kreager! See what Steven had to say about his "Would you rather" questions

Zak Aden

Our newest edition of B2G has arrived featuring the President of the Somali Student Association - UMNZakaria Aden!

Marion Renault

Tune into our third episode of Between Two Gophers, where we meet with Marion Renault, the Editor-In-Chief of The Minnesota Daily. Learn about her French background, favorite McDonald's menu item, and her life motto!

Joelle Stangler

Meet Joelle Stangler, our two-term Minnesota Student Association (MSA) President, as she discusses her encounter with Bernie Sanders, favorite karaoke tunes, and the coin flip that convinced her to join student government on the latest Between Two Gophers!

Marion Barber

Former NFL running back Marion Barber, Jr. talks classes at the U, being a new grandfather and even dances with G-TV's own Alex Thorson for our debut episode of Between Two Gophers!