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Spring semester is halfway over and the pressure to declare is everywhere you look. In the latest episode of Unscripted, hear from U of M students and how they're navigating being undecided. 

Cognitive Conditions

For this episode of Unscripted, we sat down with U of M students with different cognitive conditions and got their stories. Get their take on balancing life as a university student while facing challenges like depression, epilepsy, and more.

International Students

Traveling across the globe to get an education takes a lot of courage. We sat down with three international students to discuss their experiences, including what stereotypes they had before arriving and how they've adjusted.

First Generation College Students

Being a first generation college student is a huge challenge, but can be very rewarding. On this installment of #Unscripted, a few of these students expressed their thoughts and experiences with us.


On this episode of #Unscripted, a few students from the Jewish community sat down with us and shared their experiences with antisemitism.

Women in Stem

In this episode of Unscripted, we sat down with four intelligent women with futures in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. They share what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated field.

Sexual Assault

TW: sexual assault and rape

There has been a lot of talk recently about sexual assault from administrators and even perpetrators. It's time to give a voice to the survivors. Five courageous sexual assault survivors sat down with us for this episode of Unscripted to tell us about their thoughts and experiences.

Middle School

Remember the days of Hot Topic and Aeropostale? In this segment of #Unscripted we are throwing it back to middle school! Get ready for middle school fashion, embarrassing stories and the mems. 


It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also time for finals! Unscripted talks stress and self care during this turbulent time. Take that much needed study break and listen in as G-TV members share their experiences and feelings about stress.


Feel all the feels with G-TV members on this edition of Unscripted on LOVE! Delve into the unconventional and vulnerable world of love as G-TV members bear it all.


For our second installment of our Unscripted series, we talked to some transgender students here at the U and listened to their stories. 

Gopher Eats

Join Hugo as he explores all the amazing places to grab a bite around the U of M campus!


Looking for a new place to grab delicious Asian cuisine? StudioU checks out Burrigato in this edition of #GopherEats

Al's Breakfast

Looking for a delicious breakfast in the heart of Dinkytown? Look no further, and see why Al's Breakfast is widely known and loved.

Can Can Wonderland

In the season finale of Gopher Eats, Hugo heads to Can Can Wonderland to check out their creative pizzas, banh mi sandwiches, and crazy pinball machines and arcade games!

Brasa Rotisserie

Hugo is back at Gopher Eats! Check as he heads to NE Minneapolis to indulge in all foods Creole!

Loring Bar & Restaurant

Watch as Dan checks out Loring Bar & Restaurant! Do you think you could eat all of these wings, sliders, and pasta dishes all in one sitting?

Potter's Pasties

For the season finale of Gopher Eats, Hugo and the Gopher Eats team headed out to Potter's Pasties to indulge in some pasties and pies! From bunny chow to your pig pasties, Potter's has got it all!

SEncha Tea Bar

Hugo is back in this new edition of Gopher Eats at Sencha Tea Ba in Stadium Village! This amazing tea bar is filled with numerous bubble teas, smoothies, and wonderful people to indulge in delicious tapioca pearls with!

Blue Door Pub

Spam bites? Wings? The world-famous Blucy??? Gopher Eats has returned by going to the The Blue Door Pu and exploring all things delicious.


Calling all donut lovers! G-TV visited the newest donut shop in Minneapolis, Sssdude-Nutz. They have donuts topped with everything you can crave in the morning - sweet cereal, peanut butter, bacon, and much, much more! They are located at 317 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 in Dinkytown.

One, Two, Three Sushi

G-TV takes to the streets in Dinkytown to check out 123 Sushi, a Japanese counter-serve chain offering a build-your-own sushi option, plus ramen, steamed buns, and more! They are located at 318 14th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 in Dinkytown. For more information, check out their website, http://onetwothreesushi.com.

Pizza Studio

G-TV takes to the streets in Dinkytown to check out the newest restaurant in the area, Pizza Studio.


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Do you often find yourself communicating with your cat? Or do you have so many brilliant ideas that you just have to write them all down? Here are 8 activities that you participate in on April 20th!

9 Reasons Why you were late to class

Trying to make it to class on time often feels more like a college themed obstacle course then a leisurely walk down the street. Whether it's running after the bus or running across the bridge, we have all been there.

9 Heart-warming moments on campus

Still feeling the love from yesterday? Or are you just ready for discounted chocolate? Either way, we've got some campus moments guaranteed to warm your heart! From treats to seats, watch for these tender moments all around campus!

10 Ways living in the dorms breaks your spirit

It's no secret that college dorms are the worst. Can't live in them, your University won't let you live outside of them. Here are the 10 ways that living in the dorms at the University of Minnesota has broken our spirits.

10 rec center stereotypes we all know

You have either seen them, heard of them, or are one. With finals looming, G-TV presents the 10 Rec Center stereotypes that we all know about! Take a quick break and enjoy!

8 Finals Week Moments

Stress eating...you know you've been there... Which other finals week moments can you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

8 Awkward Class Moments

Awkward moments in class. We all have them. Maybe one day we'll look back at these not-so-fond moments and laugh. Until then, we'll continue being awkward.

9 Mistakes all freshmen make

A PSA to the University of Minnesota freshmen. Which one are you guilty of?

9 awkward moments on the campus connector

"Awkward Leg Contact" - We've all had those awkward experiences on the campus connector during our college career. Let us know what your awkward experiences are!

Scripted Comedy

Love at First Swipe

When Dennis and Katie meet up for their Tinder date, things start off great. It gets a little out of hand when Dennis starts asking some... interesting questions.

Millennial Priest

In an effort to repent the sins of her college lifestyle, a woman visits an "unorthodox" priest.