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10 Ways to have a Spring Break Staycation

Stuck at home for Spring Break? You're not alone! Check out this video to get some creative ideas to keep yourself busy.

8 Stages of Being Single on Valentine's Day

February 14th is right around the corner, the yearly reminder that you're (still) single! If you've been single on Valentines' Day before, you've definitely done at least one of these things.

7 Differences Between Freshmen and Seniors

Whether it's your first or final semester everyone has been guilty of these habits. Check out the 7 differences between freshmen and seniors and see how you have changed or will change!

9 Most Basic Halloween Costumes

You've seen every one of these basic costumes sometime during Halloween. The real question is how many of these costumes have you gone as?

8 People that Annoy You in Class

You either know them, have heard of them, or are one: the 8 people who annoy you in class! Check out the first listicle of the fall semester!

8 Activities you Participate in on April 20th

Do you often find yourself communicating with your cat? Or do you have so many brilliant ideas that you just have to write them all down? Here are 8 activities that you participate in on April 20th!

9 Reasons Why you were late to class

Trying to make it to class on time often feels more like a college themed obstacle course then a leisurely walk down the street. Whether it's running after the bus or running across the bridge, we have all been there.

9 Heart-warming moments on campus

Still feeling the love from yesterday? Or are you just ready for discounted chocolate? Either way, we've got some campus moments guaranteed to warm your heart! From treats to seats, watch for these tender moments all around campus!

10 Ways living in the dorms breaks your spirit

It's no secret that college dorms are the worst. Can't live in them, your University won't let you live outside of them. Here are the 10 ways that living in the dorms at the University of Minnesota has broken our spirits.

10 rec center stereotypes we all know

You have either seen them, heard of them, or are one. With finals looming, G-TV presents the 10 Rec Center stereotypes that we all know about! Take a quick break and enjoy!

8 Finals Week Moments

Stress know you've been there... Which other finals week moments can you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

8 Awkward Class Moments

Awkward moments in class. We all have them. Maybe one day we'll look back at these not-so-fond moments and laugh. Until then, we'll continue being awkward.

9 Mistakes all freshmen make

A PSA to the University of Minnesota freshmen. Which one are you guilty of?

9 awkward moments on the campus connector

"Awkward Leg Contact" - We've all had those awkward experiences on the campus connector during our college career. Let us know what your awkward experiences are!