Word on the Street

Hear it from your fellow gophers!


March Madness

We know most of your brackets were probably ruined within a few games, but at least we can appreciate some March Madness trivia! Lets find out how well Gophers know their college bball knowledge!


Coffman Name Change

The name of Coffman Memorial Union has been a point of controversy in recent times. Find out how the students feel about the potential name change on this edition of Word on the Street!


Class Cancellation

Gophers, when was the last time you had classes cancelled? If you remember, you're definitely one of the lucky few! Find out what other Gophers had to say about cancelled classes in this edition of Word on the Street!


Super Bowl 2018

How do you feel about Minneapolis hosting the 2018 NFL Super Bowl?


Thanksgiving Trivia

For this episode of Word on the Street, Paul found out just how much our fellow Gophers know about the yummiest day in November!


Confusing Building Names

Some building names on campus have debatable pronunciations. We went around campus to see what students thought!




For this episode, Darian took to the streets of campus to get your thoughts on campus dining and what they're doing to accommodate different dietary restrictions. Check it out!


Pourhouse Comes to Dinky

The Library is closing and Pourhouse is here! Get the thoughts of your fellow Gophers!


Welcome Week 2017

We took to the streets and talked to this year's freshman class! Hear the craziest rumors about the U, and the best advice from upperclassmen!


Medita Literacy

Are you media literate? Do you know how to tell when news is fake? In this episode of Word on the Street, we asked our fellow Gophers what they thought about media literacy and the spread of fake news. 


MSA Elections

Have you voted yet Gophers?! This edition of Word on the Street is all about this year's campus elections. Go VOTE to start the change you want to see on campus!


Super Bowl LI

This week's edition of Word on the Street covers the basics you need to know about Super Bowl LI this coming weekend! So check it out and share it with your friends in preparation for that rad Super Bowl party you've planned for tomorrow!


Trump Protests on Campus

The first edition of Word on the Street for Spring 2017 gathered protesters' thoughts on President Trump's official inauguration at demonstrations that took place throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul on Friday.


Looking back on 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 has been an interesting year for all of us. Call it what you will, we're just glad that it's over. Here's your word on the street on 2016!