StudioU is a student-run, nonprofit, independent media organization that develops and mentors top-tier students in the entertainment, news, media and telecommunications industries to prepare students for corporate and community leadership. We serve to document, inform, and entertain the greater campus community while providing students with hands-on professional experience.

Here at StudioU we have 3 primary objectives:
1) Provide educational training in broadcast journalism, video production, marketing, and business operations.
2) Provide networking opportunities for students to connect with other students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals.
3) Provide engaging stories on A&E, Sports, and Culture happening on the University of Minnesota campus community. 

As a part of being a member within StudioU, students will have the opportunity to attend various events, screenings, network with colleagues, and gain valuable work experience.


We are a student-run video production organization that documents, informs, and entertains the greater campus community while providing students with hands-on professional experience.


StudioU started in the fall of 2013 under a different name. The first president and Founder, Matt Ogbeifun wanted to create a group that catered to students who wanted video and news experience that they weren’t getting from the U. With a group of five people, he started G-TV. The University of Minnesota was the only Big 10 school at the time to not have some kind of broadcast news group, and Matt wanted to change that. In October of 2013, the group was featured in a Minnesota Daily article and soon after released their first video. It was a recap and highlight video of the homecoming concert and to the group’s surprise, it received a lot of attention on social media. This was G-TV’s first big win.

In the Fall of 2014 the group really made waves. They started their first regular segment called Gopher Eats and also began a video partnership with the Minnesota Student Association that still goes on today. Another large success that semester was the first ever Students in Media event. It is a panel of media professionals that come in to chat with students and is still held every semester. In Spring of 2015, G-TV continued to add regular video segments like Listicles. In the Fall of 2015, Chase Ator was elected president. That same spring, G-TV started to produce news segments in addition to the editorial content they were producing. The group started adding more structure, getting more name recognition, and grew a lot in the Fall of 2016. What started as a five person group was now comprised of about 45 people. Also that fall, G-TV began a lasting partnership with the Communications department. They were gracious enough to let us use a room in Ford Hall as our home base, which has since benefited the group in numerous ways. Also during this time, G-TV introduced a brand new segment called Between Two Gophers, a talk show interviewing alum, students, staff and faculty.

In the Spring of 2018, Hannah Greene-Gretzinger was elected president and currently sits in office. By the end of the 2018 Fall semester, the group was made up of approximately 50. This began the alumni network the group now runs. In the Summer of 2017, for many reasons, the group decided it was time for a change. G-TV became StudioU as it is now known. The group is constantly growing and adapting and looking forward to making more history. We started our Alumni network the summer of 2017 when we saw our first large graduation of StudioU members. The Alumni network continues to grow and sometimes collaborates with us to work on our partnership videos.




Maria Hayden, VP of Operations


Darian Leddy, VP of Finance


Tucker Nowack, VP of Marketing


Emily Smith, VP of Production


Charlie Wen, VP of Post Production


Jacob Gustin, VP of News


Nadia Shaarawi, VP of Editorial


Hannah Greene-Gretzinger, President


Jack Dannecker, Senior Advisor